If you need a reminder that there is good in the world, here it is.

You are alive. You are breathing. Inhale. Exhale. The world is moving, changing, transforming – and so are you.

This moment, right now, is the present. This is a moment you will forget in less than a minute. This is a moment you will never have again.

Yet we don’t miss these moments until they start adding up. And then we remember those days that we’ve begun calling “the past”. The past is a beautiful place to visit. It reminds you of the mistakes you’ve made and the suffering you’ve endured, but it is also a testimony to your strength and endurance. The cuts and bruises have healed, and you have risen up from the dust even mightier than before, eyes clear and bright. Your old friend Nostalgia comes for a visit and knocks on your front door. You answer with welcoming arms.

By this time, you’ve probably forgotten that moment. Well, that’s okay, because you have many more ahead of you. Moments when you will feel complete bliss, absolute tranquility, and unadulterated happiness. Moments when you think about how wonderful life has been to you and how your search for purpose never really ends but continues to grow, higher and higher and higher. This is your future. This is what lies ahead. It’s waiting for you. You just have to reach out and grab it.



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