Thoughts of the season.

It’s nearing the end of October and the mix of autumn and winter is beginning to emerge in Southern California. My front yard is littered with an array of grungy leaves on patches of slightly yellowing grass and the chilly winds stain my cheeks with red. The gift of each dawn comes wrapped in a light coating of fog, and I can sometimes feel the moisture tickling my skin. Living in a place where the weather is bright and sunny 75% of the year, I’ve learned to welcome the onset of cold, gray mornings and light blue afternoons.

For me, the atmosphere won’t be the only changes in these coming months. November will bring a bundle of little wonders, from the new album releases from my two of my favorite bands, to the premiere of Catching Fire, to my 18th birthday, to the week off school for Thanksgiving. There will be family moments to be treasured and more time to spend with friends after an exhausting week of finals. We’ll be stuffed with food and warm from the inside out. Soon, December will arrive, along with the results from my first college application submission, and I will be crying from joy or disappointment, and everything will be okay either way. We’ll go shopping in the mall and get Christmas songs stuck in our heads for weeks. And on Christmas morning, my little brother’s eyes will light up with excitement as he opens his present, even though he picked it out himself just a few days earlier. On the last day of December, we’ll watch the ball drop in NYC from the screen of our TV and three hours later the clock will strike midnight in California, signaling the beginning of a new year, a catharsis of sorts.

Two months from now, things will have changed, just as they always do.



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