We are writers.

Writing does not come easily to writers. Words rarely flow smoothly from our minds and onto paper. We hesitate, self-doubt, criticize, and struggle through each and every word. After all, writing is a labor of love. Sometimes the words trickle through our fingertips so slowly that we anxiously anticipate the moment when we run out of steam, as if we were stranded alone in the desert and with only droplets left in our water bottle. Other times the words gush out of our system like a flood from a bursting dam, and our hands fly in a flurry in a desperate effort to capture all the ideas before we drown.

We writers wake up in the morning before even the early bird can catch the worm, stumbling bleary-eyed to our desks and beginning the day with a piping hot cup of letters. Or there are those of us who prefer to keep company with the owls, keyboards clacking away into the night as the moonlight peeks through closed blinds, our eyes drooping with exhaustion as we lay the words to sleep on beds of careful thoughts.

Writers overthink and observe too much and listen just enough. The way the dust collects on an unused crib or the sound of someone’s sneeze on the local train – everything contains the possibility of a new beginning and we are always on our toes, waiting for that spark. We carry thoughts in our minds that we think would be crazy to tell others. We find it funny how once we transform those thoughts into words, they are no longer foreigners but familiar friends.

Daydreaming is a writer’s favorite hobby and we can often be found staring with vacant expressions at nothing in particular. We find pleasure in the small things and happily accept our ignorance of life’s biggest secrets. We’re close to discovering them, anyway.

Writers like shiny and pretty things, but we think that there is nothing duller and uglier than a first draft. So, like a jeweler, we set to work, chiseling away at the jagged edges and buffing the surface until that draft emerges triumphant and new. Then we take a look at it from seventeen different angles before finally deciding that it could do better. So we continue.

Writers are magicians and mad scientists and superheroes. With only 26 letters as our tools, we create alternate universes and characters out of thin air and then brainwash people into believing these figments of our imagination are real. But we use our powers for good, knowing that with so many injustices in the world, the least we could do is give people something to live for.


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