Letters to the Anonymous

Dear teenage girl standing in front of the mirror,

Your reflection does not show even a speck of your worth. You are much more than the shape of your body. If you could only see that you are a creator of beautiful things.


Dear boy hiding behind his books,

It’s okay to want to escape once in a while. I know that dragons and time-travelers and even the lives of people you’ve never met can be much more interesting and bearable than what you’re going through. But reality isn’t so bad sometimes.


Dear soldier leaving for service on a quiet early morning,

When you think you’ve lost all hope, just remember the smiles on your children’s sleeping faces. They think of you as courageous in a different way. We thank you for serving our country and they love you for battling the monsters in their closet.


Dear single mother with too many bills,

You’re one of the strongest people on this planet. You love your kids just as much as the next mom and that’s all that matters. And your kids will grow up to be grateful for who they are.


Dear artist roaming the city streets,

I can see the creative spark in you. Don’t let it dwindle. You’re searching for something to convey beyond this world, and you’re almost there.


Dear lost and lonely,

You won’t be that way for long. Life’s a maze, and the exhilaration comes from navigating the paths and losing your way in the process. This is where you will find some of the best people and experiences. This is how you will find purpose.



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