Exhale the Stress (Bits and Pieces of Wisdom #3)

  • Hey, guess what? You’re alive. You can breathe. You can smile. (If that’s not something to celebrate, I don’t know what is.)
  • Treat yourself to a generous scoop of your favorite ice cream. (Or a delicious serving of your favorite fruit if that’s what you’re into.)
  • Dance in your room illuminated by the glow of your laptop or on your front lawn amidst the sprinklers – either one works. (If you don’t care how silly you look, no one else will.)
  • Find a clear patch of velvet sky at night and stare up at the stars. (Everything else seems so insignificant now, doesn’t it?)
  • Unravel the thoughts in your brain and give them some breathing space. (Life is much simpler once you untangle all those pesky knots.)
  • Compile a playlist of happy, feel-good, upbeat songs. (You know, the ones you’d want to play during the end credits if your life was a romcom.)
  • Spend 2, 10, or 20 minutes in meditation. (Create your own little sphere of calmness here.)


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