We are still here.

On this day we stand,

unwavering, yet

with trembling hands,

stricken by the sound

of shattering hearts

as we watch the tragedy unfold

moments after it starts.

We toss away the trivial matters

and pick up the remains,

inhaling each fragile sentence with as

much strength as we can maintain.

If the next word,

or the next breath,

should be our last,

we know that the future

will continue despite the past.

We forget the good –

we are consumed by the bad,

disheartened by the calamity,

frightened, torn,



But this is humanity

and it has not lost all


The sirens are no match

for the hushed prayers

that cope

with the chaos

surrounding and

feeding our fears

because here the solace

comes from our tears.

We are still here,

and we will not turn away.

The beating of our hearts

reminds us that

on this day,

we are all humans,

none the more

and none the less,

and if only faith keeps

us living then may we

hope for the best.



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