The Essence of Writing

Where does it begin? How does an idea appear in one’s mind, weaving its way through puddles of soggy, worn-out thoughts to transform itself into beautiful words? Good writing can give me chills, goosebumps, or a momentary skip of a heartbeat, and I strive to capture this sensation in nearly every piece of my written work.

I define “good writing” as relatable and poignant, appealing to us in ways we may not understand. I think, if you break it down to the very bare bones, “good writing”  addresses the thoughts and emotions we are most afraid of. This can be death or depression, or love or change. In all truthfulness,  life can be frightening and intimidating, and everyone feels lonely and trapped in his or her own thoughts from time to time. But when we read about an idea or a situation experienced by every human being, we are relieved from that sense of loneliness for a moment and we think “hey, this is just part of being human after all”.

We read these words and within the deepest recesses of our nature, something awakens and stirs. We understand. We know that failure is unavoidable, but so is success, even in the smallest amounts. We see that beauty is not restricted to mere appearance but can be expressed in the simplest of means — through music, through scents, and yes, through words. When we read “good writing”, we acknowledge that words are indeed one of the few things in this world that can connect us as a whole.


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