there was once a time

when i loved you so much

it hurt.

when i found myself floating precariously

on a sea of your thoughts,

sometimes rough and

sometimes smooth

just like the way your hands

felt in mine.


i knew every crevice

of your broken body from

the scar behind your left ear

from the summer you thought

you could fly

to the architecture of your collarbone,

curved like your smile,

my lips’ favorite landing strip.


i cried when you cried because

i believed that my tears could

heal your sorrow

and dampen my heartache.

but i learned that i was wrong,

that i was not a phoenix

and that you were not a sparrow

and neither of us would escape the cold.


my love for you became malnourished,

and i forgot the sound of your laugh.

i forgot how you liked your eggs fried not boiled

i forgot the way you greeted me on the phone

i forgot why you always gave me tulips instead of roses.

i forgot that i forgot that i forgot

because the fire was doused and

memories became ashes

drifting away into the wind.



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