In the Zone

Imagine yourself in a state of complete concentration, determined to tackle the task in front of you. Maybe it’s the intensity in the air or the heat of the moment, but you feel as if you have been struck by a lightning in a summer storm. This is what I call “living in the moment”. You find yourself absorbed in whatever you’re doing and maybe even enjoying it too, whether it’s writing a song, playing in a sports match, or taking a test. This absolute in-the-moment sensation is deemed “flow”.

The sudden spark of inspiration or the drive of motivation is like a rush of adrenaline through your veins. The best thing about this feeling is that you’re completely invested in the activity you’re doing, and it’s at this time that you’re at the top your game.  Your heart beats more rapidly, your muscles tense, and your neurons are crossing synapses at a thousand miles a minute while the other parts of your body move twice as fast to catch up. This is the moment and you feel alive.

I have always been fascinated with the idea of “flow” and “runner’s high”, two concepts that I think are closely related — you can’t have one without the other. Each involves a certain level of dedication as you pursue something you are passionate about or intent on finishing. In those few fleeting minutes, or (if you’re lucky) hours, you experience the focus and awareness that comes with the incredible gift of human life.

With all our daily activities that too often seem meaningless and the anxieties that constantly occupy our mind, “flow” doesn’t come to us often. But I am consistently discovering that the happiest and most successful people are the ones who experience “flow” in their daily life. Where you find “flow” the most is where you find your passion.



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