I believe…

I believe in poetry. In soul-searching metaphors and iambic meters and words that melt on the tip of your tongue like a cold, sweet popsicle on a warm summer evening.

I believe in dreams. Far-fetched and incredible, the dreams that no one thought that you’d achieve, yet somehow you proved that ‘impossible’ is merely a word in a critic’s dictionary.

I believe in resilience, and that happiness is not a destination but the mountaintops of a winding journey where you get to rest and enjoy the view.

I believe in knowledge and the pursuit of it. There is no end to learning as long as curiosity is still around, and that will surely never run out as long as the world has a population of toddlers.

I believe in love, of all kinds, because it is something present in all of us that we share no matter how selfish we might be with other things like time and money. And while most of our lives don’t resemble a romance novel, we shouldn’t forget the pure magic of love itself and how it leads to all the acts of kindness we see in the world.

I believe in hope, even when it least seems to exist, and inspiring this hope in others because even though we all possess some measure of it, it’s easily forgotten.

I believe in beauty. Not just aesthetically, but the kind of beauty that makes your heart flutter and your breaths short, the beauty found in the eyes of a loved one or in the time just before the sun rises over the horizon and a new day begins.

I believe in miracles and that they occur every day if we just open our eyes to notice it. Sometimes even, we are the source of a miracle for someone else.

I believe in you. I believe that you have lived a wonderful life – loving, giving, laughing, caring, and doing many marvelous things. And I believe that you will go on to become the best you can possibly be.



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